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Bone fracture
Marvelous recovery from foot crushed by a heavy machine. Experienced real miracles of Johrei in hospital and after leaving there.

Higashimaru branch, Motoki GOTO
Reported in the December 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

It was about 3:00 am on April 15 last year when I worked in Shizuoka living apart from my family. When I was in charge of supervision of the construction site on the night shift, a power shovel with a total weight of seven tons was suddenly back into me and the caterpillar tread pressed down on from my toes of the right foot to the knee. The ground was covered by an iron plate called a road decking panel, and I had sensation strongly that my flesh was roughly torn to shreds, rather than felt pain. Although I wore safety boots (shoes), my foot was flattened. It was a wonder I did not faint, and then I was afraid that the boot would not be pulled off when the foot became swollen, so I hastily took off the boot bearing a sharp pain. When I saw my leg crushed flat like a long, narrow shrimp rice cracker, I burst out laughing in spite of myself.
I was taken to Shizuoka Municipal Hospital by ambulance. While waiting for the examination result, my leg was swelling rapidly and my thick leg as it is became thirty centimeters in diameter, and an agonizing pain shot up it. I prayed Meishu-sama, "Please heal it," holding Mihikari-sama tight in my hand and breaking out in a greasy sweat.

The doctor's first words were "Is there a hospital in Mie?" like almost refusing to accept me. I was also refused by two hospitals in Mie, but finally accepted by Yokkaichi Medical Center. However, my boss was made to drive me to the hospital in a car, and I endured vibrations and the pain while holding Mihikari-sama tight in my hand.

We finally arrived at Yokkaichi Medical Center at five pm. Although it was a situation that I needed to have an operation immediately, my wife said, "I want to take you to the place of Meishu-sama (the Higashimaru branch) first, and then you have surgery." We got doctor's permission and went home dragging the swollen leg.

The next day was the monthly festival of the branch, so we worshiped at the branch. The teacher of the branch said, "I marveled that you came home even though your leg must have hurt awfully," and gave me Johrei at once. Everyone at the branch also gave me Johrei and encouraged me saying, "You are badly wounded, but you stood such a severe pain well." I was able to receive J?rei at the branch the next day too, and really appreciated and was deeply impressed that my wife advised going to Meishu-sama's place first of all.
On the day of the operation, I got a briefing again. The name of the disease was very long, which was "the first toe (thumb) of the right foot fracture-dislocation, the second- and the third-toe compound fracture and complete dislocation, the fourth toe complete dislocation, the fifth toe complete fracture-dislocation, a comminuted fracture of Lisfranc's tarsometatarsal joint, a heel fissured fracture, and a crushing injury of right calf lower cell." The doctor in charge said, "Well, in a word, it was broken into pieces. If you had had the shin bone broken, you would definitely have had to have your leg amputated from below the knee. You were lucky."

The operation took three hours and twenty minutes that was three times as much as expected, but it was finished without any problems. When I looked at my foot, nine pins of about seven centimeters were fixed the bones between the toes, of the instep, and of the left and right outside. I asked the doctor that I wanted to heal naturally, so they tried not to use medicine as much as possible. He/she gave ready consent to my request that yes, we would try. I was expected to be in the hospital for four weeks. And I was told that if the cell necrosis was terrible, my stay in the hospital would be extended and I would need to have transplant surgery. I had a painkilling injection only that night, but I did Johrei to myself many times a day from the next day, and applied EM-X instead of an antiseptic on the necrosed part.

On April 29 after ten days in hospital, I got permission to leave and went home. The teacher of the branch gave me J?rei, and his/her very encouraging words impressed me greatly. And the next day, when I took the bandage off at the time of shower, the necrosed part, which was black, suddenly changed into pus. I could not believe it, so I showed my doctor it, and then he/she called a chief surgeon in a hurry. The chief surgeon, who rushed, looked at my foot and diagnosed that I needed no transplant surgery. It was definitely a miracle.

I continued doing Johrei to myself every day, and my foot (leg) went numb and was discharging pus fast as I did J?rei to the kidneys. I was convinced of the wonderfulness of J?rei. The miracles Meishu-sama worked (showed) moved me deeply. Then, whether my feelings infected the people around me, the inpatients and bedside attendants for them spoke to me, and it was as if my room in a ward became "the one where lines form."

In addition, the parents of my son's classmate in the neighborhood confided in me about their problems, and I did J?rei to them. Then the husband joined 'Kyusei Shinkyo' faith in May and so did his wife in June. They were given God's great blessing.

On the day of leaving the hospital, the doctor in charge said "It's wonder you are able to go home so early even though you got such a serious injury." I was worried about how the life in hospital would turned out, but I was able to be discharged from hospital one week earlier than expected. The fixed pins of the foot bones were removed after four weeks in hospital, rehabilitation started from the fifth week, and I was able to start walking exercises in the eighth week. Three months later, I returned to work and amazingly recovered from the injury requiring nine months to heal. I am working hard using a power shovel, which is my enemy, after that.

This is not the only miracle. I visited the 81-year-old old lady, who I met in hospital, at home with my wife. When I was doing J?rei to her following the wife, my wife was stunned into silence that "Her blood vessel moved and the lump disappeared."

Moreover, a man in his 50s spoke to me in Hamanako Service Area, "What happened to your foot?" He told me that the cancer spread throughout his body and he just underwent a heart operation. When I was doing J?rei to him, he began to groan saying, "I feel my body getting hot and the part where I had an operation is twitching." Three days later, he called me on the cell phone and was thankful to me that it looked like there was a thin iron plate around his heart after that, and he felt very well. I was very happy to hear that.

I thank God from the bottom of my heart that I have experienced many great miracles for this purification, and I am grateful for everyone's thoughtfulness.