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Ulcerative colitis
Recovered from ulcerative colitis and gangrenous dermatitis by Johrei . Damage from medicines: the harmful effects of medicines and Johrei rei of salvation that I’m eager to tell people as soon as possible.

Suzuka branch, Yuko CHIKAZAWA
Reported in the March 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

In the spring of 2009, my third son passed bloody stools badly, lost weight, and lost color in his face after joining the company as a new employee. A doctor in charge in the company informed that he needed to undergo a colon examination, and he took a laxative on May 1 and went through an endoscopy.
The third son has grown up receiving J・rei since he was in my womb, and has never had any vaccination in his body. So I thought it was a mild colitis that the bad blood just came out.
However, as a result of the examination, the doctor said, “Immediate hospitalization, an operation, steroid treatment, blood cell component removal treatment, blood transfusion are necessary,” and he and I were surprised. When I heard about the treatment, I even thought that if my son was hospitalized for three months as he was told, he would not die of a disease but might be killed with medicine.

I told the doctor about the faith, but far from being convinced, he/she said, “Are you going to kill your son? I will call the police.” I managed to get through the situation somehow, telling him/her aggressively that I would nurse him at home, and fled back to my home with the third son.

He got a high fever and passed bloody stools the next day because of gangrenous dermatitis on the ankle which was a complication, and he lost his appetite and found difficulty in walking. He often received J・rei from the manager of the branch while lying down. The teacher encouraged him by saying, “You will surely get better. It's a general cleaning of the body.”
While my husband was working in Wakayama prefecture apart from his family, I nursed the son’s gangrenous ankle bleeding and the skin that sloughed off heavily by myself. While changing the gauze every day, I was sometimes really anxious lest he should die, but I believed strongly and prayed that he would be given great Mihikari form Meishu-sam at the “Chijyou-Tengoku-sai” (the ceremony of the Heaven on Earth) at the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) on June 15 and get better.

Then gangrene of the ankle became less severe and smiles began to appear on his and my faces since about 40 days passed. He ate the “Power rice” cooked in an earthen pot, which 'Kancyo-sensei’ (the chief administrator of Kyusei Shinkyo) taught us, and could even say words “It is delicious!”

The son with a thin body, who lost a little less than 20 kg, using a stick, left Chiba for Mie where the sacred ground was on the day before the “Chijyou-Tengoku-sai” with me. We were going to join my husband at a hotel in Hisai city. It took the son more than twice as much time as usual to get down from his bed at home, go out of the apartment, and get to the Shinkansen (the Bullet Train) platform at Tokyo Station. Staggering to his feet, he could only move at his pace taking ten steps and squatting down for five minutes.

Carried by my husband, he was able to enter and worship at the “Goshinden” (the sanctuary) of the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) somehow on that day. At that time, I remembered what the doctor said, “Your son will die if not treated.” I felt like screaming with delight that my son was alive with Johrei and on the “Power rice.” He wept for gratitude, crouching down on the tatami (straw-mat) floor. I was really glad that he could go and worship. And I reflected seriously on myself and my attitude that I could not appreciate the importance of a meal, the value of rice, and the happiness of being able to be in good health and move if we had not underwent such a severe purification.

After that, his feet were getting cleaner day by day. He regained color and was also putting on weight little by little. The hemoglobin value rose from 2.7 to nearly 9 at the end of the year and became able to walk again even without a cane. He was told that he would not be allowed to return to work unless the hemoglobin value became about 13, but thankfully, after entering the company the year before last, he got his salary every month until now. We were also financially protected by Meishu-sama. We thank God from the bottom of my heart.

Moreover, I did J・rei to the woman, who had an operation for breast cancer 10 years ago, but I had not seen her since then. One day, her daughter suddenly informed me that she was terminally ill. When I visited her in hospital the next day, her legs were paralyzed after receiving the treatments with anticancer drugs seven times. She said, “I’ve had enough of medicine.” So I recommended her to join 'Kyusei Shinkyo’ faith, and then she was allowed to be linked to Meishu-sama. She fervently continued doing J・rei to herself (self-Johrei ) since then, and I also kept doing 'remote J・rei’ to her every morning and evening. Then her hair which gradually fell out began to grow, the fingernails and toenails which were changed color to black and deformed returned to a healthy pink color, and she had a peaches-and-cream complexion so that we could even say, “Does she really have cancer?”

She was very surprised that my son got better without any medicine and recovered by J・rei. “Medicine is not really necessary for a human being. If I had 'Mihikari-sama’* sooner, ... ... I feel chagrin,” she never failed to say.
*'Mihikari-sama’ is a kind of amulet that has a piece of paper with “Hikari” written by Meishu-sama.
She left hospital last February and recuperated at home. She was given Johrei until her last moment and died peacefully in October. She looked so fine that the Buddhist monk and the people surrounding her could even say, “She has a beautiful sleeping face," and passed away quietly as if she was falling asleep.
Human beings are destined to die sometime, but I am going to transmit Johrei with all my might so that as many people as possible are saved in this world.